Beware Of Cheap Chinese Lanterns

Beware of Cheap LanternsWe are well aware there are cheaper Chinese Lanterns for you to purchase.  Here are some reasons not to buy cheap lanterns:

  • Cheaper lanterns may not be fire retardant and may catch fire.
  • Wicks may be glycerine based and are liable to drip as the lantern floats away.
  • Cheap lanterns may still have wire in them to keep their shape and therefore are dangerous if they land near animals.  They also will not biodegrade.
  • The instructions inside are often basic and not nearly detailed enough.
  • The paper may be very thin causing problems unpacking the lantern successfully and meaning it is more likely to catch fire.
  • Often the wick is too close to the lantern, causing it to burn the paper.
  • A cheap lantern may contain asbestos string.
  • They may not contain anti moisture packets, meaning the lantern may be damp which creates a problem when trying to launch the lantern.

We have made this information available to you so you can make an informed choice about the Chinese Lanterns you purchase.

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