Why Chinese Lanterns

So why should you incorporate Chinese Lanterns into your celebration this year?  Well firstly they are a magnificent sight when released in large groups and will make any gathering special and memorable.

Chinese Lanterns are quiet.  Think of bonfire night and you think of noise.  If the noise always spoils the fireworks, use quiet, graceful Chinese Lanterns instead.  You will not disturb people and animals or make a mess, so they are better all round.

Chinese Lanterns are safe and easy to use.  Of course you need to make sure the conditions are right, a still night is perfect, and children need to be supervised.  However, when used correctly they are wonderful, safe and environmentally friendly.

So which to choose?  White Chinese Lanterns are graceful and beautiful, but why not add colour with our wonderful choice of coloured Lanterns.   Use Union Jack Chinese Lanterns for wimbledon or the world cup and smiley face lanterns at a festival.

Pumpkin Lanterns are perfect at halloween and you can even get heart shaped Chinese Lanterns for valentines or to celebrate an engagement.

Whatever kind of Chinese Lantern you choose, your evening will be enhanced by their use.

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Seeing Chinese Lanterns abroad

I have been travelling recently and have seen some magical Lantern displays in various countries around the world.

In Taiwan, Chinese Lanterns are lit and released during the Taiwan Lantern Festival, to mark the Lunar new year.  I saw literally thousands of lanterns floating away in the night sky, especially in Pingxi district Рa wonderful place to be at this time of year.

In Lanna, North Thailand, lanterns are common all year long, but I happened to be there during Yi Peng.  This festival, like many others in this part of the world, is held on the full moon of the 12th month Рusually November according to the Thai calendar.  I witnessed thousands of graceful Chinese Lanterns being released Рsymbol of worries and problems floating away.

I also saw magnificent sights in Phuket.  Being a tourist destination, it is almost expected that you will see Chinese Lantern displays nearly every week, making sure holidays makers and travellers go home with tales of magical sights in the sky.

However, it was in China that I saw the best sights.  The Lantern Festival or Yuan-Xiao Festival, on the 15th day of the first lunar month in the Chinese calendar, is when families pray for luck and traditionally, houses are decorated with light lanterns.  Many varied activities take place during the day, but in the evening, Chinese Lanterns are released with wishes written on them for the gods to receive the messages and give blessings.  It was a wonderful experience to be there at this time and one I hope to repeat next year.

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Magical effect of Chinese Lanterns

A friend of mine is organising her summer wedding and has decided to have Chinese Lanterns at the reception.  She was asking my advice what colour to use and so I have been educating her as to the meaning of the lanterns and their colours.  It is a fascinating topic and has led me to all sorts of research.

White, which is the most commonly used, is for health, and therefore a great option. ¬†However, I would love her to be daring and choose something different, for example, red, which is for good fortune and would look fantastic at any wedding. ¬†Pink is for romance, and so another great choice! Orange is for money, so the parents of the bride might favour this colour! ¬†Yellow is for success and green for growth. ¬†These are not used so often but a combination of colours can be very effective. ¬†Light blue is for hoping wishes come true and is the colour of the bridesmaids dresses at my friends , so has become the ideal choice for this particular wedding. ¬†I can’t wait to release my Chinese Lantern and send my good wishes into the night sky, along with the other guests.

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History of Chinese Lanterns

What is a Chinese Lantern?  Essentially it is a small hot air balloon made of paper, constructed around bamboo with some sort of fuel cell at the bottom to enable the chinese lantern to fly.  Once lit, the hot air generated by the fire is lighter than the cold air, and this lifts the lantern.

It is pretty much agreed that chinese lanterns were first used in China for troops to signal to each other.  If extra help was needed the lanterns would be written on and this message would be released up to the sky to protect the troops in trouble.

Once they were invented, their use became varied and they were used during festivals.  During festivals in China, hundreds of lanterns would be released together with wishes and prayers on them Рcan you imagine anything so beautiful as hundreds and hundreds of chinese lanterns being released together, being watched by adults and children alike.

In modern times chinese lanterns are popular for all kinds of events such as birthdays, christenings, even family and friends gathering for a BBQ.  And you understand why if you ever have the good fortune to see a mass of chinese lanterns being released together.  It is a sight you will never forget.

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Chinese Flying Lanterns for that special occasion

Now is the time thoughts turn to the spring and the return of some better weather.  Longer evenings enable us to get out and enjoy a local park, the beach, or further afield a trip to a different area of our country.  Evenings can be spent admiring views, flowers, scenery and enjoying the company of friends and family.  Finish an evening like this with the wonder of Chinese Lanterns being released while everyone watches in wonder.  Choose your style, colour and design of Chinese Lantern to suit the mood Рwhite for reflective, red for romantic Рpossibilities are endless.

If you ever travel to China you will certainly see a lot of Chinese Lanterns and the red ones have a special meaning.  Red lanterns are an emblem of Chinese culture and they are thought to keep away evil spirits with the red glow.  They are also thought to bring good luck to the family.

So look forward to the spring weather and if you see or release lanterns yourself, remember how special the red ones are and how they are making families feel safe, happy and protected from evil spirits.

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Chinese Lanterns

Chinese Lanterns are a fantastic way of celebrating any event, but to understand why we need to look at the history of flying lanterns. They were first used in war times when Chinese troops used them to signal to each other.  As they could be sent and then would disappear, they were a good way to signal that all was well.

When war ended Chinese Lanterns became popular to use everyday as a way of sending good wishes and prayers, sending away worries and problems and to remember those lost during the war.  People hoped their wishes would be heard clearer being closer to the heavens and it was thought that the longer and higher your lantern went, the more likely the deities would receive the messages and requests.  Messages would sometimes be written on the Chinese Lanterns before they were lit to help answer prayer.  Also the serene sight of many Chinese Lanterns in the sky would bring about a peaceful mood to parties and festivities.

In China, Taiwan and Thailand lanterns are released during various festivals and carnivals including Yi Peng and Mid-Autumn Festival.  At weddings, the launching of Chinese Lanterns at weddings has become an anticipated ritual in many countries around the world.

So with the wedding season approaching, order your lanterns to enhance your dream day, either classic white lanterns or match your lantern colour to the theme of the wedding.  Whichever you choose, guests will be amazed and enthralled by your choice.

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Chinese Flying Lanterns

The history of Chinese Lanterns starts long ago – around 250 BC, with Lanterns made of various materials and with different uses to the ones we have today. ¬† Chinese lanterns would first have been used as a way to protect the only available light source‚ÄĒthe naked flame‚ÄĒfrom wind and foul weather. People enjoyed the subtle light that came from lanterns, and their popularity became widespread.¬† Lanterns decorated the palaces of emperors and other leaders, each trying to outdo the other with larger and more elaborate¬† designs. Because of this, the lantern became a way of expressing social status.

Chinese Lanterns are always associated with colour.  Red is the most common lantern colour, associated with joy and good fortune., energy and vitality. Red lanterns feature liberally in marriage and birth ceremonies, and hang outside the doorway of houses celebrating these occasions.

Blue Chinese Lanterns represent sickness, so displaying a lantern of that colour signals an illness in the household.  White represents death and mourning and therefore indicate that a death has occurred in that household if hung outside.

Chinese Lanterns were made of various materials Рpaper, silk for example and throughout history Lanterns have had images of historical figures and traditional chinese landscapes.  Lanterns also were used zodiac symbols.  Historcially, decorated Chinese Lanterns would show the traditions of the area they were in and the personal tastes of the artist.

Chinese Lanterns became more popular and became an item that would be launched into the sky aswell as hung for decoration.  Festivals, such as new year festivals when masses of people gathered with their lanterns in an attempt to catch a glimpse of the spirits of deceased loved ones passing over to heaven became popular and lanterns could be seen for miles as they were released on mass into the night sky.

Today, in addition to New Year celebrations,  Chinese Flying Lanterns are used in all countries for many festivities such as weddings, births, birthday parties and just general gathering with friends and family.  They are a magical way of celebrating any event or occasion.

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Stock up for Summer with Chinese Lanterns and Candle Bags

Now the summer is almost here Рwe have had glimpses of balmy evenings and glorious days Рmake sure you have Chinese Lanterns and Candle Bags for those wonderful unplanned evenings when friends and family arrive unexpectedly.  Get the BBQ going and scatter Candle Bags around to create a magical atmosphere.  These wonderful bags are a great invention.  Choose your design from Star Candle Bags, Heart Candle Bags,  Firework or Heart and Dove Candle bags.  Weigh the bags down if they are for the garden with sand or pebbles and put a tea light candle in each one.  They are safe and reusable!

Once everyone has eaten and the sun has gone down it is time to release some Sky Lanterns or Chinese Lanterns.¬† Nothing looks more fabulous than a mass of ChineseLanterns floating gently up towards the sky.¬† White ChineseLanterns are very popular for a gathering, but remember the choice of Chinese Lanterns is endless!¬† Have a mix of colours, fabulous Union Jack Chinese Lanterns or the great Rainbow Chinese Lantern.¬† Mix your plain lanterns with logo Chinese Lanterns – choose from ‘Happy Birthday’, ‘Happy Anniversary’ or the very topical ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ lantern.

If the weather is not kind fill your house with Candle Bags creating a magical glow that friends and family will want to copy!  The Candle Bags are safe to use indoors and reusable so save them for next time too!

Roll on the summer and a chance to fill the sky with magic.

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Chinese Flying Lanterns for a stunning summer

Summer has got to be approaching and with it our thoughts turn to garden parties, weddings and BBQ’s.¬† There is no better way to make any event special than by having Chinese Lanterns at your event.

Chinese Lanterns are available in a multitude of colours and designs for all types of events imaginable.¬† Choose your favourite colour and chances are you can find a Chinese Lantern in that shade.¬† Not only are colours available, you can choose ‘Union Jack’ Chinese Lanterns for the Jubilee or Olympics, ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ Lanterns for stressed out students¬† just about to sit exams, ‘I Love You’ Lanterns for a wedding or engagement, ‘Football’ Lanterns for a fan – the list is endless.¬† Just use your imagination and create your own reason for releasing Chinese Lanterns!

The new and exciting ranges of Chinese Lanterns have created a new interest in these wonderful items.¬† As more people see them they then can’t wait to find out more and have their own evening with friends and family setting off Chinese Lanterns together.

Chinese Lanterns, also called Sky lanterns are perfect for creating magical moments that everyone will remember, whether young or old.  Chinese Lanterns are perfect for daytime or nightime use as they travel for miles and are available in many colours, the brighter ones being fantastic in the daylight.  Your own personal Chinese Lantern will leave you and once the fuel pad goes out, will gently float down to earth.

Of course, only use a supplier of Chinese Lanterns who is reputable and only sells good quality, 100% biodegradable Lanterns – and you will always find these at ChineseLanterns.com.

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Chinese Lanterns – a peaceful, beautiful sight

Chinese Lanterns, known as ‘Khoom Loi’ in Thailand. date right back to the 3rd century when they were used as strategic signalling balloons during combat. Today, they are used¬† for special occasions throughout the world.¬† In China during their Mid-Autumn festival or Thailand when they’re in the middle of ‘Yi Peng’ you will see thousands of Chinese Lanterns drifting gently through the sky. It is considered good luck to release a Chinese Lanterns or Sky Lanterns, many people believe they bring good luck and help problems and worries float away.

Chinese Lanterns are becoming more and more popular as the peaceful alternative to fireworks! Traditionally used in Chinese and Thai celebrations, they are an eye-catching way to celebrate birthdays, weddings, bonfire night, Diwali or any other event you feel needs a magical sight lighting up the night sky in a peaceful, serene way.

Easy to use, once a Chinese Lantern has a flame to fill the lantern with enough hot air to send it climbing gently upwards, it will lift from your hands and rise, giving a glow in the sky that can be seen for miles. Each flame-retardant lantern can stay lit for as long as 20 minutes.  Light many together and the sight is one of beauty that you will remember for a long time.

Chinese Lanterns come in many colours and designs, however a lot of people like to personalise their own by writing a message before launching them into the sky.  These can be messages of good luck, or wishes you hope to come true.  Watch until your special lantern disappears and maybe your wish will be granted.

Chinese Lanterns are made from 100% biodegradable materials so although they may remain in your memory forever, they will not harm the environment.

Launch a Chinese Lantern today and create your lasting memory.

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