Colourful Chinese Lanterns

Chinese Lanterns come in many colours and designs for every occasion you could think of.  Throughout the year a Chinese Lantern can be lit for a Wedding, Birthday, Party, New Years Eve Celebration, alongside Fireworks, Halloween, a Garden Party – the list is endless.

The different colours of Chinese Lanterns traditionally had various different meanings.  In Asia there would traditionally have been Lantern Festivals and each person would choose a Chinese Lantern in the colour that expressed their wish.  They would write their wish on the Chinese Lantern and launch it into the sky, hoping the wish would come true.  Although Chinese Lanterns are now bought in all colours and styles for all events,  it is interesting to see what the colours have meant over the many years Chinese Lanterns have been used.

A red Chinese Lantern was for good fortune.  a pink Chinese Lantern was for romance.  Peachy and Red Chinese Lanterns would be used for decisions and opportunities and orange for money.  A yellow Chinese Lantern would be for success in school or a job and white Chinese Lanterns were for health.  Light green Chinese Lanterns would be for growth and light blue for hoping something comes true.  A light purple Chinese Lantern would signify idealism.

As the popularity of Chinese Lanterns has grown so have the different styles you can get – there is even one with a Father Christmas and for this year there is are Halloween Chinese Lanterns.  Chinese Lanterns need to be made of thick, flame retardant paper so they can safely float up into the sky while they are watched in awe from the ground.  As they fly into the distance the wish of each person goes with them and although they will disappear, the wish will not be forgotten.

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