Chinese Lanterns – a peaceful, beautiful sight

Chinese Lanterns, known as ‘Khoom Loi’ in Thailand. date right back to the 3rd century when they were used as strategic signalling balloons during combat. Today, they are used  for special occasions throughout the world.  In China during their Mid-Autumn festival or Thailand when they’re in the middle of ‘Yi Peng’ you will see thousands of Chinese Lanterns drifting gently through the sky. It is considered good luck to release a Chinese Lanterns or Sky Lanterns, many people believe they bring good luck and help problems and worries float away.

Chinese Lanterns are becoming more and more popular as the peaceful alternative to fireworks! Traditionally used in Chinese and Thai celebrations, they are an eye-catching way to celebrate birthdays, weddings, bonfire night, Diwali or any other event you feel needs a magical sight lighting up the night sky in a peaceful, serene way.

Easy to use, once a Chinese Lantern has a flame to fill the lantern with enough hot air to send it climbing gently upwards, it will lift from your hands and rise, giving a glow in the sky that can be seen for miles. Each flame-retardant lantern can stay lit for as long as 20 minutes.  Light many together and the sight is one of beauty that you will remember for a long time.

Chinese Lanterns come in many colours and designs, however a lot of people like to personalise their own by writing a message before launching them into the sky.  These can be messages of good luck, or wishes you hope to come true.  Watch until your special lantern disappears and maybe your wish will be granted.

Chinese Lanterns are made from 100% biodegradable materials so although they may remain in your memory forever, they will not harm the environment.

Launch a Chinese Lantern today and create your lasting memory.

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