Stock up for Summer with Chinese Lanterns and Candle Bags

Now the summer is almost here – we have had glimpses of balmy evenings and glorious days – make sure you have Chinese Lanterns and Candle Bags for those wonderful unplanned evenings when friends and family arrive unexpectedly.  Get the BBQ going and scatter Candle Bags around to create a magical atmosphere.  These wonderful bags are a great invention.  Choose your design from Star Candle Bags, Heart Candle Bags,  Firework or Heart and Dove Candle bags.  Weigh the bags down if they are for the garden with sand or pebbles and put a tea light candle in each one.  They are safe and reusable!

Once everyone has eaten and the sun has gone down it is time to release some Sky Lanterns or Chinese Lanterns.  Nothing looks more fabulous than a mass of ChineseLanterns floating gently up towards the sky.  White ChineseLanterns are very popular for a gathering, but remember the choice of Chinese Lanterns is endless!  Have a mix of colours, fabulous Union Jack Chinese Lanterns or the great Rainbow Chinese Lantern.  Mix your plain lanterns with logo Chinese Lanterns – choose from ‘Happy Birthday’, ‘Happy Anniversary’ or the very topical ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ lantern.

If the weather is not kind fill your house with Candle Bags creating a magical glow that friends and family will want to copy!  The Candle Bags are safe to use indoors and reusable so save them for next time too!

Roll on the summer and a chance to fill the sky with magic.

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