Chinese Lanterns

Chinese Lanterns are a fantastic way of celebrating any event, but to understand why we need to look at the history of flying lanterns. They were first used in war times when Chinese troops used them to signal to each other.  As they could be sent and then would disappear, they were a good way to signal that all was well.

When war ended Chinese Lanterns became popular to use everyday as a way of sending good wishes and prayers, sending away worries and problems and to remember those lost during the war.  People hoped their wishes would be heard clearer being closer to the heavens and it was thought that the longer and higher your lantern went, the more likely the deities would receive the messages and requests.  Messages would sometimes be written on the Chinese Lanterns before they were lit to help answer prayer.  Also the serene sight of many Chinese Lanterns in the sky would bring about a peaceful mood to parties and festivities.

In China, Taiwan and Thailand lanterns are released during various festivals and carnivals including Yi Peng and Mid-Autumn Festival.  At weddings, the launching of Chinese Lanterns at weddings has become an anticipated ritual in many countries around the world.

So with the wedding season approaching, order your lanterns to enhance your dream day, either classic white lanterns or match your lantern colour to the theme of the wedding.  Whichever you choose, guests will be amazed and enthralled by your choice.

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