Magical effect of Chinese Lanterns

A friend of mine is organising her summer wedding and has decided to have Chinese Lanterns at the reception.  She was asking my advice what colour to use and so I have been educating her as to the meaning of the lanterns and their colours.  It is a fascinating topic and has led me to all sorts of research.

White, which is the most commonly used, is for health, and therefore a great option. ¬†However, I would love her to be daring and choose something different, for example, red, which is for good fortune and would look fantastic at any wedding. ¬†Pink is for romance, and so another great choice! Orange is for money, so the parents of the bride might favour this colour! ¬†Yellow is for success and green for growth. ¬†These are not used so often but a combination of colours can be very effective. ¬†Light blue is for hoping wishes come true and is the colour of the bridesmaids dresses at my friends , so has become the ideal choice for this particular wedding. ¬†I can’t wait to release my Chinese Lantern and send my good wishes into the night sky, along with the other guests.

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