Why Chinese Lanterns

So why should you incorporate Chinese Lanterns into your celebration this year?  Well firstly they are a magnificent sight when released in large groups and will make any gathering special and memorable.

Chinese Lanterns are quiet.  Think of bonfire night and you think of noise.  If the noise always spoils the fireworks, use quiet, graceful Chinese Lanterns instead.  You will not disturb people and animals or make a mess, so they are better all round.

Chinese Lanterns are safe and easy to use.  Of course you need to make sure the conditions are right, a still night is perfect, and children need to be supervised.  However, when used correctly they are wonderful, safe and environmentally friendly.

So which to choose?  White Chinese Lanterns are graceful and beautiful, but why not add colour with our wonderful choice of coloured Lanterns.   Use Union Jack Chinese Lanterns for wimbledon or the world cup and smiley face lanterns at a festival.

Pumpkin Lanterns are perfect at halloween and you can even get heart shaped Chinese Lanterns for valentines or to celebrate an engagement.

Whatever kind of Chinese Lantern you choose, your evening will be enhanced by their use.

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