Send a Chinese Lantern to welcome Springtime

With these beautiful spring days we are experiencing, thoughts turn to spending time in the garden, parties, BBQ’s and nothing makes these occasions more special than releasing Chinese Lanterns.

Chinese Lanterns date back to ancient China where they were used in wars as signalling balloons.  Later Chinese Lanterns became popular with children and so they started to be used in festivals and now Chinese Lanterns are a part of culture in Asia, particularly Thailand where they are released for good luck and to send away problems and worries.  And what a sight so see hundreds of Chinese Lanterns being released into the night sky as people made their wishes and sent them towards the sky.

Now Chinese Lanterns are used for all occasions, all year round in asia and indeed, all over the world.  They can add an exciting and special element to a party, wedding, gathering or just enjoying an evening get together with friends.  Release a Chinese Lantern and watch as it travels into the night sky.  Once the flame goes out it will float safely back to the ground.

Chinese Lanterns are safe to use as long as they are good quality.  Made from thick, flame retardant paper, they should be easy to light and should fly every time.  In a gathering get everyone to light their Chinese Lantern, wait a few minutes until the Chinese Lantern starts to pull and then release them together for a magical sight.  Everyone can make a wish as they watch their Chinese Lantern float away.

Chinese Lanterns will make your event special and just that little bit different – so make sure you have a supply ready to use for that unexpected moment for everyone to enjoy.

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Chinese Lanterns for Valentines Day

It is February again and everyone’s thoughts turn to Valentines Day.  What better way to celebrate than with Chinese Lanterns or Sky Lanterns, drifting romantically into the distance.  A red Chinese Lantern is the perfect choice and can be lit together and gently released.  Or a pink Chinese Lantern works just as well and might be a nicer, softer option for the special person in your life.  As a really special night prepare a picnic, wrap up against the elements and find a romantic or favourite place.   When the meal is over light your Chinese Lantern together and with a box of delicious chocolates, sit back and watch your Chinese Lantern disappear into the night sky.

A Chinese Lantern with a big red heart gives a message instantly to your loved one and can be lit and released after a romantic Valentines meal together.  Toast each other as you watch the Chinese Lantern float towards to night sky – after all, what goes better with a Chinese Lantern than an ice cold glass of fizzy champagne.

A Chinese Lantern is also available with the message ‘I Love You’ which will make your loved one feel extremely special and is a true public declaration of your love and relationship.

A Chinese Lantern is the perfect way to celebrate Valentines Day – or any day you wish to tell your loved one how much you love them.  Remember, an action speaks louder than words.

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Colourful Chinese Lanterns

Chinese Lanterns come in many colours and designs for every occasion you could think of.  Throughout the year a Chinese Lantern can be lit for a Wedding, Birthday, Party, New Years Eve Celebration, alongside Fireworks, Halloween, a Garden Party – the list is endless.

The different colours of Chinese Lanterns traditionally had various different meanings.  In Asia there would traditionally have been Lantern Festivals and each person would choose a Chinese Lantern in the colour that expressed their wish.  They would write their wish on the Chinese Lantern and launch it into the sky, hoping the wish would come true.  Although Chinese Lanterns are now bought in all colours and styles for all events,  it is interesting to see what the colours have meant over the many years Chinese Lanterns have been used.

A red Chinese Lantern was for good fortune.  a pink Chinese Lantern was for romance.  Peachy and Red Chinese Lanterns would be used for decisions and opportunities and orange for money.  A yellow Chinese Lantern would be for success in school or a job and white Chinese Lanterns were for health.  Light green Chinese Lanterns would be for growth and light blue for hoping something comes true.  A light purple Chinese Lantern would signify idealism.

As the popularity of Chinese Lanterns has grown so have the different styles you can get – there is even one with a Father Christmas and for this year there is are Halloween Chinese Lanterns.  Chinese Lanterns need to be made of thick, flame retardant paper so they can safely float up into the sky while they are watched in awe from the ground.  As they fly into the distance the wish of each person goes with them and although they will disappear, the wish will not be forgotten.

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Light a Chinese Lantern for the New Year

New Year is here again and what a perfect opportunity to light a Chinese Lantern and make a wish for 2012.  Whether you have a large white lantern, or mixed coloured chinese lanterns they will sail up majestically in the night sky producing a magnificent sight for miles around.

Our White Chinese Lanterns are by far the most popular with customers as they are classic and beautiful but having coloured chinese lanterns mixed in adds another dimension to a social, happy and lively New Years Eve gathering.  Adults and children can watch their own Chinese Lantern as it gradually disappears from view and can hope their wish will come true in the New Year.

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Candle Bags – what is all the fuss?

I have wondered for a long time why people go so mad for candle bags.  And then I found out.  I attended a BBQ in the summer and as the evening grew dark the host started to put out loads of candle bags.  She put a layer of sand at the bottom of each candle bag and then added a lit tea light.  By the time she had finished the garden was lit up and looked beautiful.  Candle Bags can create such a fantastic atmosphere to so many events and I will definitely use them and encourage friends to do the same.  The candle bags on this occasion were star candle bags and everyone commented on how fantastic the garden looked and how the candle bags created a magical atmosphere.

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Chinese Lanterns

Using Chinese Lanterns to celebrate an event is becoming increasingly popular.  One of the most popular events to let off Chinese Lanterns is at a wedding as they are a beautiful sight to see.  Chinese Lanterns have however, been used for centuries and have a long history.

Lanterns made of paper were invented by the Chinese and were originally used by troops to signal to other soldiers as a message.  Chinese Lanterns would rise as a sign of danger or to tell that everything was safe.

Later Chinese Lanterns began to be used for other reasons: to bless crops, for good wishes or for good fortune.  People would light the Chinese Lantern and pray for what was needed.  When floating up in the sky the chinese lantern would be closer to the gods so wishes could be heard more easily.  The longer a chinese lantern stayed in the air was thought to mean more chance of wishes coming true.

Chinese Lanterns then became a way of thanking the gods for good fortune.   Weddings became a ceremony where chinese lanterns would often be used to give luck to the happy couple.  This tradition has lasted for years and carries on today.  Many cultures now use chinese lanterns in weddings all over the world.

Today chinese lanterns are used for many types of celebration.  Chinese lanterns are available in many colours and shapes and are used for formal and casual events.  Chinese lanterns are now biodegradable so they are safer to animals and the environment.

Chinese lanterns are available all over the world, some buying a small number for a casual event to companies buying thousands on a wholesale basis to supply many customers who love to see and use Chinese Lanterns at their events.  The trade in Chinese Lanterns is now enormous with lanterns available in every town in many countries around the world and on the internet.

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