Hundreds of years ago, Chinese Lanterns, originally called Khoom Fay, had two main uses.  They were used by armies as signalling devices and were used alongside fireworks to convey wishes to heaven and gain a feeling of tranquility.

Locals believed that the process of releasing a Chinese Lantern would rid them of their troubles and bring good luck, wisdom and peace to them.

The use of Chinese Lanterns today is not that different.  In China, lanterns are released in their thousands to celebrate the Chinese New Year, but their popularity has grown and extended throughout the world.  They are still released as a symbol of good luck, but are also used to celebrate an event,  such as a birthday or wedding, to create a magical, awe inspriring sight as hundreds of lanterns float serenely across the night sky.

Chinese Lanterns are the perfect compliment to a firework display,  or they can be a gentler, quieter alternative, but will still create a fantastic display for miles around.

Our Chinese Lanterns are totally biodegradable using bamboo to keep their shape, and use a safe, flame retardant mulberry paper, meaning you will be able to enjoy a longer flying time as your Chinese Lantern gently floats into the distance.